Augustus v Vernal City

Augustus appealed the appeals board decision upholding his termination. The panel affirmed holding Augustus failed to meet his burden of persuasion as he failed to identify any acts of misconduct not listed in the termination memorandum filed by City with the board which the board relied upon in its decision and in fact the misconduct relied upon was closely rated to the accusations in the termination memorandum.

Brand v Paul

Brand appealed summary judgment to Paul on their quiet title action. The panel affirmed in part and dismissed in part. It dismissed the appeal as to title holding brand failed to demonstrate any legal or equitable title claim to the property and thus lacked standing. It affirmed on all other claims as Paul dismissed them to get a final judgment on the title issue and Brand failed to cite any authority which demonstrates error.

LaMont v Riverton City Board of Appeals

LaMont appealed Board’s decision affirming his termination. The panel affirmed. It held the notice letter identified insubordination as possible ground for termination, Board relied upon that ground and the fact the notice identified the wrong alcohol test was irrelevant as LaMont refused to take any test, that the term “reasonable suspicion” in the employee manual alcohol policy is best understood to mean the same as in the criminal context namely specific articulable facts and reasonable inferences from those facts which reasonably justify intrusion and this standard was satisfied here as LaMont was observed with alcohol on his breath, bloodshot eyes and a puffy red face.

In the Interest of J.S. (N.P. v State)

N.P. appealed the juvenile court order grating permanent custody and guardianship of J.S. to father. The panel affirmed holding N.P. failed to identify any deficient conduct by her appointed attorneys or any reasonable probability of a different outcome and her disabilities claim fails as she did not ask for an accommodation or challenge the accommodation independently ordered by the juvenile court.