State v Silveira

Silveira appealed his sentence. The panel affirmed holding the district court offered Silveira and his attorney the right to allocate, imposed the sentence agreed to in the plea agreement and correctly accepted the waiver of the time limits on sentencing.

Brown v Babbitt

Babbitt appealed the modification to the parties divorce decree to reduce his parenting time with the parties’ daughter. The panel affirmed. It held that Babbitt failed to marshal any evidence to undermine the district court’s factual findings and there was no due process or open courts violation as Babbitt failed to comply with a requirement to undergo psychotherapy and in fact field a letter from an unapproved therapist which recounted therapy done before the decree was entered which supported the district court’s determination that visitation should remain limited to 6hours a month and be supervised.

Neckel v Department of Workforce Services, Workforce Appeals Board

Neckel sought review of the board’s rejection of his application for unemployment benefits. The panel affirmed. It held that substantial evidence supported the board’s finding that Neckel voluntarily quit without good cause as he left the worksite and declined to work with his employer to resolve ongoing issues, the employer agreed to fire the coworker causing the problems and Neckel failed to give the employer a reasonable amount of time to do so and that equity and good conscience do not require a different outcome as Neckel’s leaving without providing time to resolve the problem was unreasonable.