Griffin v State

Griffin appealed his murder conviction. After a remand for a hearing on claims of ineffective assistance of counsel, the Court affirmed. It held the state provided sufficient evidence to allow the jury to conclude the chain of custody of a bloody dollar bill and hair vacuumed up at the scene was proven and thus the items were in fact what the state claimed they were, that the expert DNA witness was properly allowed to testify as she used mathematical formula accepted into the field, evidence that Griffin’s DNA was on the dollar bill recovered by police and that hair consistent with Griffin’s was recovered from the scene was sufficient to defeat Griffin’s motion to dismiss, that there was no ineffective assistance for failing to object to the dollar bill or hair as it was properly admitted and there was no conflict of interest between Griffin and one of his attorneys as the attorney had no conflicting interest between Griffin and another client who tried to provide evident about the case and the cross examination of the government witness was extensive.