In the Interests of A.T. and J.B.J. (L.G. v State)

L.G. appealed the termination of her parental rights. The court of Appeals reversed on the ground that she was not offered reunification services even though she was in prison for drug crimes. The guardian ad litem sought certiorari. The Court reversed. It held L.G. adequately raised the issue of no services at the termination hearing for father as the juvenile court was required to consider L.G.’s objections then and there were no final orders prior to the termination order. The Court held that services were not required here as L.G. never sought the primary permanency goal of reunification with A.T. and J.B.J and thus under the plain language of Utah Code 78A-6-312, the duty to provide services was not triggered and when the permanency goal here changed from reunification with father to adoption, services for L.G. would have been inconsistent with the new goal.