In the Interests of B.L.D. (B.L.D. v State)

B.L.D. appealed the order of detention in his juvenile case. The state moved to summarily reverse and remand which the panel granted holding detention was unavailable here because curfew violations are not acts which would be criminal if done by an adult.

Asset Acceptance, LLC v Guimaraes

Guimaraes appealed summary judgment entered for Asset. The panel affirmed. It held that Asset field the summary judgment motion in time to prevent the case from being abandoned, there was no need to hold a hearing, Asset’s  affidavit was sufficient and there was no prejudice form refusing to continue a status conference.

Preferred Hot Oil, LLC v Department of Workforce Services

Oil appealed Department’s award of unemployment benefits to a former employee. The panel affirmed. Applying deferential review, the panel held the administrative law judge permissibly accepted claimant’s testimony he was laid off instead of the supervisor’s testimony he only reduced hours and thus the aw3ard must be affirmed.

In the Interests of Z.V., A.V. and K.V. (Z.V. v State)

Z.V. appealed the termination of his parental rights. The panel affirmed holding termination was proper as Z.V. is incarcerated and will remain so until the youngest child reaches majority and is in the children’s best interests as they are together, thriving in their placement and the family they are with seeks to adopt them. It also rejected Z.V.’s procedural argument holding the Juvenile court properly considered the permanency and termination petitions at the same hearing.

State v Gallup

Gallup appealed the denial of motion to suppress. The panel affirmed holding that Gallup invited any error the district court committed in relying on statements from an officer who did not testify by attaching the officer’s report to a supplemental memorandum and asked the court to consider parts of the report as impeaching the officer who did testify and, alternatively, Gallup failed to object when the state used the report to argue Gallup drank 8 beers. The panel held Gallup’s other arguments were not preserved.

Todd v Sorensen

Todd appealed summary judgment granted to Sorensen on his prison discipline due process claim. The panel affirmed holding the hearing officer properly allowed the correction officer and nurse to submit their version of events through written statements as there is no right to cross examine at a prison discipline hearing.