In the Interests of V.L.V.-G. (V.L.V.-G. v State)

V.L.V.-G. appealed his delinquency adjudication arguing ineffective assistance of counsel. The apneal affirmed. It held trial counsel had sound strategic reasons to not object to hearsay estimates of damage namely attacking the quality of state evidence about who did the graffiti and how accurate the allegation of damage were and thus there was no deficient performance.

Gray v Department of Workforce Services

Gary appealed Department’s decision that he quit without good cause. The pane affirmed holding evidence that the additional typing asked of Gray was minimal, he was offered an accommodation and he unreasonably failed to apply for it.

State v Gailey

Gailey appealed his sentences arguing they should have been concurrent and ineffective assistance of counsel for failing to object to the consecutive sentences. The panel affirmed. It held that the trial court considered all statutorily relevant facts and factors and there was no deficient performance as an objection would have been futile given the trial court’s consideration of all relevant facts and factors.