Christian v Christian

Wife appealed the parties’ divorce decree. The panel affirmed in part, reversed in part and remanded. It first held the family court failed to provide sufficient factual findings to supports its use of imputed income as there was no evidence wife worked full time or voluntarily chose not to work full time. The panel held the family court properly awarded an interest in the parties’ home given the martial funded remodel, 50/50 division of the house was equitable under the circumstances as was the division as a whole. The case was remanded to consider the imputed income issue and any changes to the division that may become necessary.

State v Welker

Welker appealed the denial of his motion to suppress. The panel affirmed holding the totality of the circumstances-contemporaneous description of suspicious activity (such as shining a flashlight into empty apartments) by an identified citizen caller, the arresting officer verification of the details about the car involved, the immediate dispatch of the officer and Welker’s car being the only car leaving the apartment complex when the officer arrived-were sufficient to create reasonable suspicion to pull Welker over.